Free Marketing Health Check

What's it all about?


According to recent research, companies that don't have an effective marketing plan under-perform those that do by an average of 30%. So why isn't this top of the agenda for those companies? The problem is often time. Time to stand back and look at the business as your customers do, to analyse your marketing; coldly assess what works and what doesn't. And time to plan a more productive way forward with defined objectives, fresh ideas and renewed motivation.


If yours is one of the many businesses that has objectives but no plan for achieving them, then this could be just what you need. The Kudos Marketing Health Check is the first step in the process of creating a really effective marketing strategy and communications plan for your business. It provides the essential groundwork on which future sales and marketing decision-making is based. It doesn't need to be complicated but it does need to be right if it is going to support the rapid sales growth that most businesses are looking for.


What's involved?


The process is structured and intensive but ultimately worth the effort:



We'll meet and spend a couple of hours discussing your business, your markets, your past & current marketing activities and your objectives for the future.
Current marketing materials and resources: literature, website, sales letters, newsletters, etc will be examined, and we'll review how these materials are used within your sales process.
More research will be undertaken from the outside and we'll return in two weeks with a report of our findings that will include at least 5 new marketing ideas or recommendations for improvements.



What are the key benefits?


The Marketing Health Check aims to highlight improvements to your marketing effort that could deliver:



Greater visibility in your chosen markets
Higher sales and greater profitability
Improved return on your marketing investment
More efficient use of your marketing resources
Real progress towards defining and achieving your business objectives



What does it cost?


The cost for small and medium sized businesses is usually two days of high-level consultancy time, but we are currently offering four no-cost Marketing Health Checks each month. These will be offered to qualifying B2B companies - those with over 10 and less than 100 employees - on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. There is no commitment required and there are no hidden catches.


Why are we doing this?


We're simply practising what we preach. It's a good marketing tool for us because it allows us to demonstrate to you how we work and the value we can deliver. It allows you to judge whether we would be a good choice as a marketing partner moving forward - but at no cost or risk to you. If you don't think we can help deliver greater success for your business then simply take things no further.


What do I do now?


Simply contact us now to book your Marketing Health Check. You can call on 01962 841984 or email or fill in your details on the form below and we'll contact you.


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