About Kudos Tailored Training


Kudos is a highly integrated team of multi-skilled training, communications and business professionals that deliver the results-focused advice and solid training platforms that businesses need.


The Team


Stephen Smith. Team Leader

Steve leads the group and is an entrepreneurial ‘board-level’ thinker, marketing strategist and creative brand builder, who drives strategy through marketing to sales. Stephen bridges the gap between define-the-objective and solution - always seeking to build and release value through the transformation and growth of businesses. And like the rest of the team, loves working across small and medium sized businesses and enterprise clients.


David Cain BSc (Hons), CIM Diploma in Marketing. Head of Marketing

Dave is an intelligent, innovative and pragmatic can-do strategic thinker and production guru with an unrivalled ability to deliver complex projects on-message, on-time and on-budget. David has the wit and vision to cut through the noise, acquire the target, and then deploy strategies and campaigns that generate demand and real ROI.


John Grover PPL. Head of Training

John is Head of Training and an exceptional business training and staff development practitioner well versed in tailored-training and blended-learning programme development and delivery. Deeply knowledgeable in content-creation and instructional-design skills; his understanding of the entire production process ensures that AV, print, collateral, web and e-learning solutions engage, compel and deliver.


Maxine Têtespace. Creative Director

Maxine is Creative. She's “served her time” in town, worked "with the big boys" (her words/IP), talks straight and demands crystal clarity of business & marketing goals before straining the creative juices. A bi-lingual (that's analog & digital) polymorph and hard-core virtual creative who 'gets' business but not the pain and pretension that surrounds so many marketing 'suits' and creative 'luvvies'.