Engagement Options



Kudos deliver high-level input to your business without the: long-term commitment, cost or HR risk that permananent employment brings. Smaller businesses and startups may want the abilities of an experienced Marketing Director but can only justify one for a short time. The skill sets, provided by an experienced independent partner such as Kudos, improve spectrum of expertise, bandwidth and success potential.


Whether partnering as; a conventional marketing resource, an outsource Department or Interim Marketing Director, Kudos provides the precise, scalable expertise mix and resource combination to meet your business needs now and flexibly into the future.



Conventional, but contemporary marketing resource
Project/Task Contract
Managed Marketing Services
Insource/Outsource (or in-country) Marketing Director or Department
Interim/Employed Marketing Director
Non-Executive Director



The balanced and testing views of an experienced executive adds gravitas, perspective and ideas to your team - cost-effectively improving spectrum of expertise, bandwidth and success potential.